We are honored to present the Code 3 Award to this site! 
Your site represents the outstanding law enforcement site standards that we've set for our award!
Congratulations again on your Code 3 Customs Award.  Display it proudly!
Code 3 Customs
Exemplary Website Award

Given to those homepages or websites that are "A Tapestry of Commendable Endeavors" woven with such light filled threads as delightful detail, insightful consideration, and/or intentional planning that facilitates the outward manifestation of inner Dreamscapes or engages visitors in meaningful, evocative, and entraining explanations and connectivities.

Stellar Achievement Award

Given to those who are devoted to expanding horizons by sharing their knowledge and expertise with others. The excellence of their website merits recognition. Its superb presentation and astute interpretation of
information significantly impacts and profoundly touches the lives of others.

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